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It is time!

You deserve it…

and your family deserves it.
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New State-of-the-Art concrete aerobic system.
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Finished landscaping around an aerobic system provides beauty, peace of mind and long term stability that is often lacking in a man’s life.

It doesn’t have to be in yours, an aerobic system is an investment to be sure. One that shall provide you with decades of enjoyment and prosperity.

The kind of mechanical stability and technical longevity an aerobic system provides is imperative for you and your family. We provide that stability, we provide that technical longevity and we provide what you must process.

That’s why a Harrington system is the benchmark by which others are judged. Quality and service above reproach.
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Our certified technicians use only OEM parts.

We provide installation and maintenance services at your home including:

• Yearly Maintenance Contracts
• Mechanical Repairs and Service
• System Inspections (mortgage & Real Estate Company Approved)
• New Installations of aerobic treatment and septic systems
• Most types of liquid waste removal and disposal
• OEM parts
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Your spiritual journey begins with an inner voice.

It’s telling you to call Harrington Services NOW!!!

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(817) 558-8181
NEW & Improved FREE
System Stimulant
With each residential cleaning.  Special Offer, Limited Time Only!
You need this.  Guaranteed!
Serving the DFW Metroplex and surrounding counties.
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