Control Panels

These panels are designed to control and monitor all of the functions of an aerobic system. These functions include powering the air pump and water pump, notifying of air pump failure, and notifying of water pump failure. Some panels also have timers made to control the water pump. These panels are a must have on an aerobic treatment unit.

Lift Station

In standard septic systems, gravity is used to flow the sewage from the home to the septic tank, and then to the leach field. There are times, however, when the sewage needs to be pumped because the tank or leach field is at higher ground. Occasionally, septic pumps are also used to pump sewage into the city sewer, when the street sewer line is higher than the home sewage line. Septic Lift Stations fill with sewage to a certain level, then the pump turns on and the sewage is pumped on to the next stage. Inside the station, where the sewage collects, there is a float. This float acts as a switch. When the tank fills, the switch triggers, and turns on the pump. If this switch or the pump fails, there is an alarm that will alert the homeowner to the trouble. If the alarm goes off, the plumber should be immediately called. With smaller lots and more reliable pump technology, lift stations are becoming more popular. With smaller lots, often several units share a leach field. Some of the units will be at a lower elevation, necessitating pumping. Sometimes these smaller lots are near a sewer line, but need to pump it up into the line; a lift station is used for that, as well.

Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump

Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump
The Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump is another type of Septic Air Pump. They are quiet and energy efficient and work well in larger aerobic systems. These pumps are oilless, low maintenance and very durable. It is highly recommended that you clean the filters in the air pump every six months and replace the filters each year with new filters.

Linear Piston Septic Air Pump

Medo Air Pump
The Medo Linear Piston Septic Air pump is quiet, compact and vibration free. It is highly reliable leading to enhanced performance and longer operating life. This model of Linear Piston Septic Air pump is oilless and requires very little maintenance. In this model, there is an internal piston inside the cylinder which is driven by an electro-magnet and spring system controlled by the alternating input current. The electro-magnet, when activated, attracts the piston against the return spring while enters the cylinder through the opened inlet valve. When the electro-magnet is deactivated, the piston is pushed back by the spring and the compressed air leaves the cylinder through the outlet valve. The system can work as either an air compressor or a vacuum pump.