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Our History… our legacy,

In England, in the late 16th century,
Queen Elizabeth’s Godson Sir John Harrington invented the water closet or toilet. A device, though modified over the centuries, found today in most modern houses. He also modified and expanded upon the Roman system of canalazatsie.

Over four hundred years later, the Harrington’s are still in business.
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In 1994, Sir Brother Knight Raeford Harrington (Co-Owner of Harrington Environmental Services, LLC) invented the revolutionary screening device for land application filtering of biological waste material resulting in irresistibly clean bunker crops known worldwide.

In 2001, Lord Härringtón (Co-Owner of Harrington Environmental Services, LLC) with his training in Fine Art Portraiture, discovered a revolutionary technological way with micro infrared photography to capture images of hydraulically aspirated minuscule pathogens and bacterium that is leased and currently used by the United States Government, and the U.S.S.R. in clandestine military operations.

Patent pending in China.
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