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Maintenance and routine Service is imperative for longevity. Protect your investment! Neglect leads to no return on your investment and failure; failure leads to trauma, and you do not want that. Don’t let this malady happen to you. Get on our trusted routine maintenance program today.
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Make sound business decisions now, protect yourself from buying another man’s problems and save yourself, your family and the environment from buying blind or crossing your fingers and hoping all fares well.

Peace of mind: the trusted professionals at Harrington Environmental Services at your beck and call; this equals sound business advice.

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Routine Maintenance:

The regulatory authority of the State require that your business or private residence have an Aerobic Treatment System or Aerobic “septic” maintenance contract?

We are here to help.

Our Yearly Maintenance Contracts and Annual Service Programs provide for quarterly inspections of you system to keep it operating optimally. We handle all necessary paperwork and documentation for the State, providing full documentation and carriage to the appropriate and proper regulatory authority for your convenience, naturally.
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Real Estate Inspection Certificates

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Need a real estate inspection certificate? We provide the proper and correct real estate and lending institution inspection certificates.
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Serving the DFW Metroplex and surrounding counties.
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